We are HIDEN


I started this company with not much, other than the goal of building a deep passion for the outdoors into every fiber of our fabric, and to produce exceptional outdoor gear for what I believe is the greatest community of people that exist. A community that is deeply passionate and actively protecting and preserving some of the greatest natural resources on this planet.

When I step outside, an almost supernatural physical and mental transformation takes place almost instantly. The noise and chaos of our lives seem to fade leaving only a deep gratitude for the incredible natural gifts all around us. And a deep gratitude for those we get to experience it with. We are thankful to be a part of this community and aim to not only provide awesome outdoor gear for generations to come, but to contribute in our own way something far more valuable and meaningful.

We chase ghosts in the high country, birds in the sky, horns in the desert. We chase a never end goal to not only become better than who we are today but even better than who we will become. We chase and we chase because the values and lessons learned along the way are too valuable to leave behind and too valuable not to share.

We are many and we are HIDEN.

In 2020, We designed and patented our new camo patterns, Arid Exile™ and Backwoods Exile™ by HIDEN®. The multi-evironment pattern was specifically designed to help break up your shape and confuse game. We spent a year designing and testing our gear and finally released our camo for sale in mid 2022.

Hiden Arid Exile Camo the best new hunting camo of 2023

Hiden® Arid Exile™ is designed to break up your shape in desert/arid environments or late season when everything turns brown and grey. Confuse game with the best new hunting camo pattern for 2023

Hiden Exile Camo Patterns
Hiden Backwoods Exile Camo the best new hunting camo of 2023

Hiden Backwoods Exile is designed to break up your shape in all forest/backcountry/early season hunts. Confuse game with the best new hunting camo pattern for 2023


All outdoor environments have a dynamic highlight + shadow presence which intesifies with light. The HIDEN EXILE Camo Pattern was designed specifically to capitalize on this natural effect and to truly break up your shape with dramatic foreground highlights and a soft independent camo background. The result is the ability to blend into multiple environments and confuse game when movement has you pegged. Hide in the wide open with the all new HIDEN EXILE Camo pattern.

Hiden Exile Camo Pattern Effect.